Atelier Schiper is a contemporary jewelry store that for over fifteen years has been collecting and fusing art, insight, with inspiration; employing the best technology to create pieces of impeccable workmanship and innovative designs. Alessandra and Aline Schiper’s love for jewelry began as young sisters; enchanted by their grandmother’s jewelry Alessandra and Aline experimented and fell in love with the world of jewelry. As time went on what began as a simple childhood game became a life endeavor. In 2000 Atelier Schiper opened it’s first store. Today there are two shops; one in Shopping da Gavea, in a neighborhood that exudes art and character, the second in Shopping Leblon, set amidst sophisticated stores and streets full of life.

Alessandra employs her creative talent and ingenuity to develop jewelry pieces that quickly become must-haves for the “carioca” trendsetters and innovators. An Atelier Schiper piece of jewelry has various and diverse inspirations: fashion, architecture, travels, stories and tales, but mainly art and designs. Therefore, after research and exploration the pieces of jewelry begin to take shape at a workshop with the latest technology and qualified professionals dedicated to creating unique jewelry. At this workshop noble metals gain incredible shapes and precious stones receive exclusive and impeccable finishes to become an Atelier Schiper piece of Jewelry.

Such devoted work has been recognized by being awarded the iF Design Award 2015 – the affirmation of utmost importance in the design world. The iF Design Award was presented to Atelier Schiper for the Orbital ring, representing our country abroad. A well deserved merit brilliantly exemplifying the path of success thanks to the identity of the brand—in a highly competitive market—as a high-end jewelry store. Likewise, Atelier Schiper began collecting awards in 2012 receiving the *IDEA Brasil for the Extend ring—a version of the American IDEA award. Now, Atelier Schiper has branched from the city of Rio, in order to showcase their unique jewelry through the third sister, Adriana Schiper, in New York City.